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So finally today got a chance to organize these! ^^ Enjoy!

-WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*



TIGER M Video Game Design Stories | NOT BASED off of True Events... ARE True Events! XDD =3


MS-DOS ~ Liero

61 Levels. (Started some others they are the .dat files.)
If You will look at the application of the game-start file (Application) You'll notice
that 1999 was the first year of play for this specific file. =) I was 15 in 1999 and
this game was played initially on an eMachines running Windows 98 Second Edition.
Between 15 and 17 created levels for this 3rd person versus game then got into Stepmania Stepcharts. =)

Whether this program (as of this writing) now going on over 17 years playable
will run on your computer I honestly do not know. =3 DOSBox should run it


-BAM! P.E.F. - WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*
5:04 PM (August 11th, 2014) [EST, North America]


Sourceforge ~ Stepmania

Click the link. ^_^ Each TIGER M Stepchart has a story (not all are writen yet). They're eBooks & nonlinear =3
Each level and song have an individual Dance Dance Revolution Emulator (Stepmania) Stepchart Download.

TIGERM.NET - Download TIGER M Official Stepcharts Button

-BAM! P.E.F. - WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*
5:14 PM (August 11th, 2014) [EST, North America]


I Pulse ~ JetPack


Between 14 and 15 I created more levels than I honestly care to count for this side-scroller. =)
This was the third video game I recall level editing in because it reminded me of the first any-PC-game level designing
and computer graphics creating became a passion of mine in: Sierra Lode Runner =)
[When I was 11 and 12]

In this level designer though I honestly went WAY OUT in terms of imgination because there are so very many different
elements in the game to edit when compared to the gold-grabbing-ladder-climbing game (Lode Runner). Both are fun tho. =3

Creating "Lasers" out of activated floor panels and shaping space ships in this super-simple game was a great deal of fun.
Although there are no "boss battles" I'd make multiple "little opponents" into coagulations or set natural obstacles in the game
to look like the "Clearing Stages" that I had in mind and like in Lode Runner -- would take titling the levels as seriously as any
design that I'd think up! =) Have fun with this one should You decide to Download it. DOSBox or Windows 98 or Win 95.
(Typing this on a Windows 8 Operating System -- A Laptop named Priestess. ^_^)

All Levels are here =) Custom Levels are playable by hitting one of the "F" keys. =3 I think "F3."
Although the file is tiny -- there are over 100-something levels in the program (probably closer to 200+)

Enjoy! =D

-BAM! P.E.F. - WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*
5:35 PM (August 11th, 2014) [EST, North America]


Blizzard Entertainment ~ StarCraft

Played this in 1998 and created some dozen or so multiplayer maps.
Was fun creating RTS levels -- quite different from shaping adventure levels. I was 13 and 14
when I was making these yet I speak in nostalgia alone... unable to recollect the digital files.
At least at this time (unable to locate physiological data storage devices. <Syntax Error 57-Twelve.>

Good fun making the digital fields though ^_^

I Love You StarCraft & Blizzard Entertainment! >=O ^_^

-BAM! P.E.F. - WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*
5:42 PM (August 11th, 2014) [EST, North America]


Westwood Studios ~ Command & Conquer: Red Alert

I wished upon a Buddha's Belly in a Gift Shop in a visit to Florida as an adolescent and hoped parents would get this and...
got A LOT more than the game. *Smiles* It came with TWO Expansion packs and was my very first Video Game Soundtrack.
Like StarCraft created levels in this yet I speak in nostalgia alone... these files are on a computer I was granted access to...

yet did not own and so where these digital files are compiled physiologically upon the face of EArth -- I know not.
Possibly they're at a location Westwood because before EA purchased the video game franchise -- that's where it was. ^^;

Second video game I designed levels in -- Second RTS video game that tuned me into the genre around 12 and 13.

-BAM! P.E.F. - WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*
5:42 PM (August 11th, 2014) [EST, North America]


Sierra ~ Lode Runner - The Legend Returns

The start of video game level design to me and the first time two-player co-op levels became more fun to me to design
than single player levels. Played the 150 or so levels made and saved on a series of Drive-A:/ three-and-a-half inch
quarter floppy diskettes that ran well on a Windows 95 Hard Drive or off the diskettes. Again... only the memories remain. =)
So nawp! =3 No proof of my family telling an 11 year old "You make levels better than the game!" =) They still are part of
what drives me to continue to create and shape and make pretty much... well... anything! ^_^

Am Thankful.



Seriously, between 11 and 12 the 100-or-more Single player levels made and 150-Plus Co-Op levels created where
many could not be completed unless there was the cooperation of BOTH players at the same time =)

So many good memores ^_^

Sierra Lode Runner would be the Fore-Runner of the sea of Stepcharts that I'd later make in my mid-teens and begin sharing
To Bemanistyle Community which got some 20,000 (FREE) Stepchart downloads (And plenty of Criticism and Praise ^_^)

Had it not been for my older biological brother opening MGCM (Mustaqueem-Graydon Conservatory of Music) and allowing
me to work cleaning up and sweeping up as a 12 year old pianist in his Prodigy program (not Internet! XD He had that too tho!)
I likely would not have ever started designing video game levels ! =)

So Thank You to Sierra, Compaq Presario (the computer available), Windows 95, Dr. Wily Karriem Mustaqueem-Graydon
Bilal Raheem Mustaqueem-Graydon (the compliment about the levels came from him! ^_^), Mom, Dad, younger brother and sister
(who also played and complimented the level designs I spent time shaping digitally) and all people at Hunter's Mill Plaza who liked
and enjoyed viewing AND playing the stages I didn't ever think twice about until 2008 ! ^_^ (TIGERM.NET's creation year =)

Unfortunately (or Fortunately) the data for these levels are part of my collective memory and those who shared in them.
In brief... I speak in nostalgia alone... ^^; (Last time gonna write that in this section =3) No Data Diskettes are well...

Part of the treasure which are these unseen memories and I'd like to share O.O ...Yet Telethapy...
There are hard drives or recovered diskettes since over 16 years ago when all this took place so yah.

TIGER M's Belive it or not. ^_^

Thank You for reading and enjoy the video game designed-levels available in Stepmania, Jetpack and those avilable! =D
Stay SUPER and Stay Amazing And YOU!

-BAM! P.E.F. - WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*
6:27 PM (August 11th, 2014) [EST, North America]

End of Transmission.


-BAM! P.E.F. - WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*
6:57 PM (August 11th, 2014) [EST, North America]


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